Dating title object object

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There are also some attributes that contain system assigned data, including Internal ID, Creator, Creation Date, Last Modifier, and Modified Date.Metadata Objects can leverage effective dating if required and labels and data can be maintained in multiple languages if any are enabled in the system.Since this requires re-architecting of the Database layer and Application layer then this is by no means an easy activity.

These components include: This means that there is no additional processing or memory consumption to use additional custom objects in the system.All of this means that Success Factors can deliver features faster as they do not need to write code and customers can extend their system without the need to write a single line of code.Customers cannot overwrite standard Success Factors objects, but through the MDF they can configure standard objects with their own customers-specific attributes.About the MDF The MDF is a UI-based configuration and extension framework that provides creation, modification, maintenance, and deletion of custom objects (called ) within the Success Factors HCM suite.It replaces XML-based configuration and the need to import Master Data via CSV/Excel files.

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