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“If someone asks to borrow money from you having never met you, you should refuse to do so, no matter what sob story they give.”The same applies to giving out any credit card or account details online.

“This is the case even if you feel you have grown close to someone via email and phone,” adds Neate.

But while the number of dating sites has rocketed, so too have the incidences of fraud.

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“Staff will be well equipped to investigate whether or not the profile is real.”If you do feel ready to meet someone in person having chatted to them online, you need to remain on high alert and should arrange to meet for the first few times in a safe place with plenty of people around.

You can contact Action Fraud at Actionfraud.or by calling 03.

If you are looking for a new, exciting adventure, toyboy dating in the UK is the answer for meeting your greatest desires of passion.

One of the most common explanations is that the “suitor” wants to visit his “lover” in the UK, but needs cash to pay the air fare.

In some cases, the fraudster may claim to need cash to replace a plane ticket which has been stolen or because his credit card is at its limit.

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