Dating two years

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But these days I tend to only write with other people in mind.

I think about those bereaved people who find it hard to articulate their grief.

The confusion comes from the uneven number of days in different months.

Boredom because I’ve realised that, however I frame it, I’m a single parent and my only housemate and companion is a four-year-old boy who goes to bed at pm each night.Boredom because I can’t recreate the buzz that our home had when we were a carefree happy family of three.Boredom because Desreen was the most fun and funny person I knew and she’s gone.As pointed out, the lubridate package has nice extraction functions.For some projects, I have found that piecing dates out from the start is helpful: create year, month, day (of month) and day (of week) variables to start with.

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