Dating website software review

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They also have a quick match button available where you can check if you have an instant connection with someone.Whenever you find someone you think is a good match on Ok Cupid, you can click on the yellow star on their profile to show that you like them and you can also send a message via the instant messaging platform on their application.Ok Cupid also has a couple of career opportunities available for interested candidates.

It goes way beyond your profile pictures and status update to the point where a prospective date feels like he or she already knows you.

Always handle your transportation to and fro the meeting venue.

Remember not to take alcohol or get drunk during your date.

You can also report any behaviour that seems suspicious to you like individuals that ask you for money, those that ask for your photos, those that are underage using the application, people sending you offensive messages and harassing you on the application, people that start behaving in inappropriate ways after meeting them in person, people creating fake profiles and accounts and also people engaging in sending out spam messages to other members asking them to call people or advertise their product.

When you are Offline, when you newly meet someone on the application, keep all your conversations on the platform because bad people would want to know your personal contact details.

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