Dating whiskey tax stamps

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Then you remember: Your uncle always groused that clients gave him bottles of liquor every Christmas. Sadly, all you drink is beer, so the bottles are of scant interest for personal consumption. Allow me to introduce you to Edgar Harden of London, appraiser and purveyor of vintage spirits.

He’s a Canadian, and started his career in the art business, with expertise in 17th to 19th century French decorative arts. He swiftly sold the remaining 11 bottles to famous London barkeeper Tony Conigliaro.“Since then, I’ve focused on spirits more and more,” he says.

Paper receipts merchants were required to buy from the state and give to consumers when the merchants charged them state sales tax.

Consumers were encouraged to collect the receipts and give them to schools or charities.

While at Christie’s his office happened to be down the hall from the wine department, and he was often invited to tastings of wines from the 1940s to the 1960s. He thus started to develop inadvertent secondary expertise. This has been abetted by some recent changes in state laws, such as in North Carolina and Kentucky, that now permit bars to sell antique spirits by the glass. Below are two examples of USPC playing card decks provided to the U. The more recent production code in use by USPC is relatively easy to decipher. In the center is an enlargement of the tax-free stamp (all three images courtesy of Lee Asher from his informative article "The White Label" in Issue No. Lee has since sent me some additional images of two League back Bicycle decks from his collection that also feature the white tax-free stamp, below. Accordingly, the deck was made in the 16th week of 2013 and under the old code, 2013 would have been indicated by the letter S. For example, the ace on the left, below, has the code 1613-S6560.

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