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The man probably thought I was a fool, why again would I give my milk away for free?If you want to play house, show me a ring, pay dowry and give me a wedding, if not let’s just have fun and be girlfriend and boyfriend.The six-part show will revolve around stories of sisters either turning on each other to commit murder or banding together to kill others.

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The book's art is extremely detailed, and each illustration tells its own visual story.It's a clip lifted from the fourth episode, in which a child has been found dead in their home. A beautifully produced and richly illustrated book that showcases the day-to-day adventures of independent girl-about-town Victoria Psismall and her pet land octopus Otto.In partnership with Investigation Discovery, Khloe is producing drama combined.As a self-confessed true-crime enthusiast, it'll be interesting to see how her involvement shapes the program.

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