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One of the things I do that gets the most games signed by publishers that you the gamers get to enjoy is called: "Publisher/Designer Speed Dating".This event is a 6 min elevator pitch of your nearly finished game to 20 or more publishers as they each play musical chairs.Listen as Shannon brings her wisdom to this sometime murky place called "online love" and perhaps come away with some dropped knowledge, like this nugget: "Gentlemen, learn how to have a good conversations...[It's] like a tennis match.It's back and forth."This was "Pecha Kucha of the Day" on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015.I do a lot of things for the tabletop game design community.I blog, I share data, I run Facebook groups, I run and promote designer only conventions.We have had a lot of success with this event and though there are always a dozen or so games in the hands of publishers being reviewed that can't be talked about yet, there are many games that you've probably played because of this event.

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She's also a local performer and mother to a large and entertaining crew of kids.

25, Shannon Turner takes the mic with some advice for the fellas out there who might be prowling the interwebs looking for love.

Profile photos, balancing weird against honest, what not to do's, etc.

Diversity, innovation and creativity of Dutch fashion design where on display with work of five young designers.

The selection of designers included Joelle Boers|Studio, Ebby Port, Marsha Kessels, Chris van den Elzen and Judith van Vliet.

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