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Try online dating again, accept invitations to hang out, let people know that I’m interested in finding a good someone, and if they know a guy who knows a guy, then hook a girl up. I didn’t say anything about it to him or make any sudden moves; I just kept that hunch in the back of my mind, We were going good and strong for about two months.So to online dating I went, “OK Cupid” to be exact. He even dropped what I thought to be a sly hint about me being his girlfriend - and then it happened. Remember, up to that point, we were communicating every day and he was excited for me and my vacation.However, if you truly love your partner and wish to right your wrong, hope is not lost.As a matchmaker at an elite international matchmaking consultancy, I’m not going to go telling you that putting in a little extra effort on Tinder will miraculously find you a dragon-slaying hunk with a mansion, a yacht and an inexplicable way of winning over your notoriously picky mom. Specifically, that he was going to enjoy spending time with me and continue making me feel special, but only as long as it was fun for him.

Mine came when I returned from vacation, offered to celebrate Marriott’s birthday with him and he said My friends have something planned for me, I’ll get back to you. He ghosted me so badly, that I thought maybe I was the one who was dead and didn’t know it.

For the next month (yes, a whole month) we text and spoke on the phone. I heard my name, swiveled my chair around to greet him, and voilà…. So I boarded my flight and hoped that I was reading too much into it. Marriott’s failure to call me the day of my trip was suspicious. Me reaching out to him was more an exercise in vulnerability and closure, than anything else. Other times, it’s icy and cold and you’re forced to huddle with a salamander for warmth.

99.99% of the time, I believe in meeting an online connection within a week, two max. Suspicion then turned into semi-confirmation when, during my trip, he would take a while to respond to my texts. But though there were no fucks in the bag she was carrying, there were some in my bedroom closet. Was he dating someone else the entire time and they decided to become official? I let him know that I wasn’t sure what happened between us, that I wished we had talked about it, but that I didn’t regret our time together and had a lot of fun with him. Within three months, I met a guy who had me mentally open, shared super fun experiences with me, cracked me the hell up, held my hand during the movies, made me feel desired, and then slipped out the back door when I went on vacation; without even leaving a “Dear John” letter. Either way, you stay out there until you find what you’re looking for.

NYC’s cutting-edge mixology culture is second to none and, rightfully, world-renowned. It can feel like everything the two of you have built – your home, your family, your lives – was built on falsehoods, on lies.

The city also boasts some of the most incredible views you could possibly imagine for a date spot. But contrary to how you feel right now, your relationship can survive infidelity – if you want it to.

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