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He began his 42 year career in the automotive industry with Ford Motor Company (Pittsburgh, PA), American Motors (Pittsburgh / Detroit / Atlanta / Dallas), and Chrysler (Dallas / Houston); and for the last twenty years, with Gulf States Toyota (Houston).A nicer and more caring group of fellow coworkrs could not be found. Simon and Jude Catholic Church was held Friday, September 30, 2011.The party was at Emerick and Tina’s home following the reception at Church.The earliest religions and their modern day descendants made up religions in order to put order into the chaos and to engender our tendency to anthropomorphize our environment.While one cannot state "all" religious people are guilty of intellectual laziness, the acceptance of a religious leader's ideas over provable facts tend to be a response of laziness.

He was a founding member of the infamous Thursday Nite Men’s Tennis Group at The Woodlands Country Club; and for more than twenty years, enjoyed more than the tennis itself.

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Spera 09-Dec-1942 – 24-Aug-11 Emerick Spera was born in Cleveland, Ohio December 9, 1942 and passed away peacefully at pm on Wednesday night, August 24, 2011. He is survived by his wife Tina, daughter Suzanne, son Christopher, daughter-in-law Michelle, granddaughter Amanda (17), grandsons Samuel (6) and Joshua (3); brother Louie and sister-in-law Joyce.

Emerick courageously fought a two-year battle with throat cancer.

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