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Now though, people will definitely react if they see racism in the streets.”I’m learning that amongst the young generations, creating subcultures based on Afrobeats and Dancehall offers an exciting alternative to the rigid homogeneity of Polish culture.

Thanks to endorsements from Red Bull, as well as dance workshops run by the likes of Ula Fryc and Michalina Rudek, Dancehall and Afrobeats have recently gained traction alongside the more established Polish hip-hop scene.

I wondered how he felt about leaving the multicultural melting pot of NYC: “I like Poland because nobody looks or sounds like me, I can be myself.

Images of hooded skinheads and football hooligans, sporting fascist signs, Polish flags and fireworks have dominated news headlines over the past couple of years; a symptom of the new climate of far-right nationalism under the ruling Law and Justice Party (Pi S).James, who moved to Warsaw from Kenya almost 12 years ago to study journalism, quickly got used to being called ‘Murzyn’ (Negro/Nigger) and ‘Małpa’ (monkey) on a daily basis, “it still happens when I walk the streets now”.Consequently, he has become an outspoken critic of the current government’s policy towards ethnic minorities. Africans contribute so much yet they are still treated as underdogs”.I’ve lived in Poland for over 9 years and have mainly had positive experiences but one time I had a bad experience in my 20s.It shocked me because it was a public place in Warsaw.

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