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and this drama, for me, started to be annoying or boring when they started to date. but son seung won will going to military in 2019 :"( dushik oppaaaaa OMG lol this drama is soooo Funny I be bursting out laughing at 2 am in the morning almost got killed by my mom but Gwaenchana lol i'm still alive but i reccommand this drama it was soooo amazing!!! *LOL* It's been a while since this drama finished but since I have downloaded all episodes I get to watch it everyday, anytime I feel like laughing out loud. The humor in some episode are exaggerated and predictable at times I don't find it funny but annoying instead. I like to called these "filler episodes" but overall, I still enjoyed this drama. wow amazing drama thank you so much I really enjoyed sharing with people who don't watch Korean drama due to hilarious scenes congratulations lee ki kyung and jung in sun I totally forgot you were in a drama before mirror of the witch/secret healer in 2016 amazing drama, by the way, cannot see the others debut as main actors/actresses soon thank you Waikiki fighting it makes me want to go there now this summer maybe. please abs-cbn get it and aired it on your network i do really want to watch it and see how it goes when all the characters ang the lines translate in tagalog. All characters in this drama have their own uniqueness and i love joonki's "ahh gwaenchana gwaenchana" hahahaha im really hoping they would make the 2nd season. and I wish this drama will not be end until at least 100 episode ... Definitely one for a good laugh, and well, we need a good laugh these days. I badly want to have photos with the places/houses used in my favorite K dramas. What a chameleon with his acting - super hilarious as ever and the story line and rest of the cast are chugging along nicely! They are all hilarious and the writer/s did really good job. All casts expecially Lee yi kyung and Go won hee full sense of comedy.. I hope there will be another drama like this next time.. The funny scenes in this drama are unreal and I look forward to watching the next episodes to see if they can outdo themselves.

I'm sorry I just have discover you from your new drama " Cheer Up! and a wonderful voice especially when she sang trot music :) .. I have other favorite Korean actress but Eun-ji defines .. I will support anything that you do but I sincerely hope you will get the chance to do 'CHAEBOL'S DAUGHTER'. Her singing abilities are more than enough to be crazed over.. i really want to look forward on what she is currently doing . yes probably and i just don't know from where i can know about it . if you dont like eunji's acting or even just herself, then why are you even on this website? She gives off this sassy yet kind, warm yet exciting kind of feel to people.She's already a very good singer, why the hell does she need to act? I was really impressed with Eun Ji's work on Reply 1997. I really hope she'd have a drama this year where she is the main lead. It won't happen, but I just hope :( I hope you'll comeback with an even stronger character and drama this year: D i enjoyed all of the dramas that you played especially Reply 1997&Cheer Up and i can definitely say you are one of the best actresses i've ever seen on-screen. currently watching TWTB, saw her, and was wondering who she was. anyway, i havent seen any of her other dramas, but i she definitely suits characters that has a bit rough but actually soft personality just like on TWTB . although I know she's busy because she's a DJ now and will be having a solo concert again. Please continue to be an inspiration to your fans around the world. :'( I hope that 2019 will be the best year for all apink members.u all the best eunji unnie..i will always supporting you.. There is Man Living in Our House that Seungho is considering the main lead role in; imagining Eunji to take the main lead girl makes me go crazy. i really dont know how your mind works but if you do want to write hate messages, go away and write it in your diary or something.

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