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" Thinks I, a bit of good salt beef And mealy kidney tater, Will be the prog as I shall get Aboard the Mediator.

" But Bobby Peel, nor Mister Bunn, Nor Dan the Agitator, Would ever dream how things are done On board the Mediator. " The captain heads the table top, A rig'lar fine first rater— And don't he push the wine about, On board the Mediator ? i'l e 8 them some lines, in imitation of Wordsworth, which I once in- dited on a favourite cat : — " Ode to a Favourite Cat. thoti surely art, I wean, A puss of most majestic mien, So stately all thy paces ; With such a philosophic air Thou seek'st thy professorial chair, And so demure thy face is.

And whoso wishes to read me right Will find me a staunch old Onionite. SC 'V'tr ^T'^'' ^"^ ™'«h^P« oc Jasion^b Tth^ m Sed an S for^^^^ They have already apprised us of the" dis! ' \Jt Z ^^^^P'^^t^^^d to us the melancholy condition to which the latter were reduced, compelled as thev were tl h.e /« ^M X-n TJ^r even m the extremity of their misery, to hoist signah^^^Sl^i they have given us reason to apprehend the mosf serioustotequenc" s if -11 I li 'i II ■f : I!

mantled and forlorn condition, not only of the manv merehantm^ and pnvateers who had been exposed to i[s violence™ but e Ten in Z^ th Twn'onr-^-r' *"!? ' ' 10 from the loss of stores and ballast, which several vessels, previously well ftrovisiotied, incurred in the coui-se of it. He turn up he littel eye, an say, ' D your eyes, mama,' and die like a lamb.' The pathos of this dialogue communicated such a shock to my feelings, that I could resist them no longer, and awaking suddenly, found myself in my berth in the good ship Mediator, with the black steward standing at my bedside." To shew that we do not deal altogether in the humorous, I subjoin the following lines by the author of the preceding song : — "An Evening at Sea, after a Storm.

Horncastle has con- tributed, in imitation of Phillips' favourite Song of the Sea :— "Song:— The Onion. 'J'is pickled in jars for home supplies, Or on the rumpsteak tempting lies. " I love, oh, how I love to walk Thinking of nothing, and chewing a stalk.

But whilst I was struggling to keep my seat on this extraordinary Pegasus, a sudden shock, probably a lurch of the vessel, brought me to the ground, and restored me for a moment to a sort of half con- sciousness of my situation. And such but now has been the fight Betwixt two foes of equal might, Until that power, supreme o'er all, Had bid this elemental brawl Its wild contending fury cease, And hush'd both winds and waves to peace, lis past.

This, however, was unattended by any mitigation of suffering, for though I felt myself in the good' ship Mediator, I imagined it to be transported along by a West Indian hurricane, and myself vainly struggling to reef the sails, which the captain seemed obstinately bent on straining to the utmost. A sweet, delicious calm I hngs on the soul its magic balm.

At length a change came over the spirit of my dream, and I thought myself in the market-place of Kingston, in Jamaica, surrounded by Niggers and Mulattoes of every variety of duskiness, grinning, and making mouths at me as I ran the gauntlet amongst them. A stillness, that is not repose, But kindred to it, hath arose, And like a hill'd child, on its pillow, Slumbers the cloud-empurpled billow.

Ensconced behind a wall, I found myself listening to the conversa- tion that passed, and at length had my attention arrested by a colloquy between two Creole women, which I report as a specimen of polite manners and infant precocity, as exhibited amongst our African cousins. Safely our gallant vessel glides Through gentler gales and smoother tides, Ihe only human fabric seen Amidst this soft, this goi-geous scene.

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