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Men will send money only to never hear from the girl again.

The one negative thing about Internet dating with women from any country is the scam. A SCAM is obtaining money by means of lies and deception.

They found that successful people differ mainly from unsuccessful people in a way that they are able to start over after every failure no matter how big, because they NEVER GIVE UP! Stand up after every failure, restart and continue. The easiest way to do this, is to do it with a team.

When you have partners who motivate you when you have no success and pat you on the back when you pull a beautiful girl.

Help her out this way, if you know her well, and don't suspect her to be a scammer.

Usually the request will be for money to obtain a visa, health problems or other emergencies.

Do not make these women think it is true, be wise and reasonable when a pretty women asks and begs you for some financial help because her child or mother is ill and you are the only one she can ask for help.

Our agency tries to save you from these scammers and gives you the possibility to meet an honest woman who would become your wife.

We are concerned about those women who make asking money from men their practice, be aware that this fraud can be run on the Internet by individuals (men or Women) or agencies.

(Large or small) You should know that we are serious agency and understand that only honest hard work will ensure that we stay in the business.

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