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Pedro even tries to help Delfina make Gastón jealous in Season 1/Episode 15, but Gastón doesn't notice and it fails.

For the rest of Part 1, they continue to warm up to each other, and become friends.

Pedro and the band become more popular online, and many comments compliment Pedro.

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Pēdējā laikā dzirdams maldīgs uzskats, ka riepas ir "melnais zelts" un pārstrādes uzņēmumiem tās jāiepērk pārstrādei, samaksājot par tām pašiem atkritumu radītājiem.But it probably only was a one sided crush and they lost contact quickly.Soon after, Delfina became unsure of her decision to break up with Pedro.Delfina begins to notice little things about Pedro, and eventually asks him to be on her skating team.In Season 2/Episode 01 it was shown how Delfina broke up with Pedro through a video because of a guy named Oliviero she met at the plane home from her vacation.

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