Demilovato and sterling knight dating

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Look at this recent pic of her Click Here that was taken today without her 5 inch heels she usually wears, she looks a little shorter than an average person. I'm around 5'8.5 , when taking our picture she said wow ur really tall. I think she once said she was 5'2 but then she posted a twitter status saying something about yay for still being able to grow and she grew 2 inches? Guys are mostly done at 18 but some get growth spurts up until they're 21.

how can you tell by looking at the picture without an "average person"? But basically I had to bend down 5 inchs just to meet her face, bc she REALLY short in person said on 8/Aug/11I know you can't REALLY tell because of their poses & heels but demi looks shorter than 5'2 Hanna (on her right) in this pic Click Here and it's very recent. said on 21/Jun/[email protected] I wouldn't be surprised because Demi has a tendency to wear very high heels in public, except when working out, of course. She wore 6-inch heels at her 18th birthday party, and was still a few inches shorter than the Jo Bros. Those growth ages (18 for girls, 21 for boys) are outdated (they can be found in the fact books from the '70s and '80s); kids are reaching their full heights earlier these days, and some girls hit puberty very early these days.

Taller girls pretty much always want to downplay it and make thems3lves shorter. said on 14/Nov/12Well at this point I'm 5'11" I'm trying to push for 6'5" or 6'6". One summer I was between 5'4" or 5'5" so I grew like 9" over the summer. said on 30/Sep/12I saw a live chat from back in 2009 and and she got a question about her height and she answered : I like to say that I'm 5'5 but I'm only 5'4.

She is one of the worst height liars on the site and I hear she is an awful person in real life too. said on 8/Nov/17She's 5'3, Selena is 5'4.5 not much difference between the two Click Here Click Here She tends to slouch down a lot in photos, her bad posture sometimes make her appear more 5.2'5 but after looking at more photos of her and Selena she is more 5'3. So guess she's 5'4 ;) Here's the link to that clip its at like Click Here said on 30/Sep/12I saw and old live chat from back in 2009 and she said: I like to say that i'm 5'5 but i'm only 5'4.

said on 1/Mar/17Demi has just been on the Ellen De Generes show discussing some kind of sport she's into. She mentioned that you can kick a person in the face but not in the groin! It wasn't easy to judge her height because her shoes were concealed. said on 11/Jan/14I've been looking at lots of pictures of her, watching her music videos, etc. so i guess she's 5'4 ;) here's the link to the live chat, the height question is at about or something :) said on 4/Jan/12I think she's a little taller than Kelly Clarkson by a smidge maybe it's because she wears bigger heels than Kelly Clarkson or maybe she is thinner than Kelly Clarkson probably who knows!

She wore a long trouser suit and looked nearly as tall as Ellen, who only ever wears sneakers. said on 15/Oct/14Personnaly i don't think she's the kind of girl who lise 'bout her height. said on 31/Dec/[email protected] she said she's 5'3 and a half. I met her earlier this year and I'm 5'5 and she was like a little shorter than me, not that drastic, so she's about 5'3. Plus in her people's magazine interview it said she was 5'3. said on 22/Feb/11Stephanie says on 10/Jan/11 Anonymous: Nowadays ALMOST ALL girls are done growing by 16.

said on 25/Apr/11Okay at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum it says that Miley Cyrus is 5 ft 4.5 inches.. A lot of people think it has something to do with hormones in milk.

This could be why the younger generation is getting shorter, and it's also due to stress. Maybe due to heels, lifts and hair as well as going by body proportions.

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: ) Is it normal that every single co-star are supposed to go out ?

Sonny dates a guy who chad getsjelous over and he then kisses sonny and they start dating. I also know these couple are dating in real life aswell !!!

sterling wants a girl to laugh at his jokes and Demi totally finds him funny..

Strangely, she also mentioned she has a little problem with her leg: "when I'm not able to see a chiropractor for a while, one leg can get up to 1.5-2 inches shorter than the other". I don't know how much I lose but I definitely lose some height if I'm stood loosely compared to purposely standing tall to my full height.

She needs a downgrade, I don't think she's even 5'2 1/2", I think she is 5'2" flat. What is it with these Disney girls and shorter girls in general embellishing their height. Demi had to step on a couch JUST to get a picture with her and she wasn't wearing heels either.

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