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It was like we were on two different planets, and he was incapable of validating or understanding me. But I will say that I think the best environment in which to raise children is one in which the parents are in love with each other and support and understand each other… And I think the OP is headed for resentment of her partner, if she is not there already. That’s hard when you feel like you have a biological clock that’s ticking, but I will say that women are having children until later and later, and if the OP leaves her bf now, it will give her more time than if she left in a year or two.

Ten years later, these couples are on the brink of divorce or trying to convince themselves that it’s worth it to stay together.

A life of quiet desperation is the phrase which comes to mind. And I might have missed my chance to have children because I turned down men whom I couldn’t connect to.

I do love this man I’m with, by the way, it’s just not a soul-satisfying love and I’m not sure it ever could be due to the fact we don’t see the world the same way, leading to a lack of that feeling of “connection”.

(We are aligned on money, family, religion and life goals – we never argue about these things).

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