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And while some states do still use adultery as a partial basis for alimony, this is also becoming less common.

However, in some states, proof of adultery could have an impact on your divorce settlement.

Others may seek out dates for a sense of empowerment that they may not have had during the course of their marriage.

Between 40% to 50% of married people will get a divorce, and it’s not a surprise that some people will inevitably date during the divorce process.

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If you and your spouse have separated but not divorced, you may be in a legal gray area when it comes to adultery.

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That’s why we offer legal advice specific to your unique situation and zealously fight on behalf of our clients’ rights.

If you’re looking for family lawyers, domestic violence lawyers, or divorce lawyers in New Jersey, then call or contact us for more information.

Each divorce is different, and your state may have specific laws regarding separation prior to divorce.

People date during a divorce for a variety of reasons.

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