Documenting tracking and updating software licenses

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It also tracks and helps you manage patient registration, supplies, and worker assignments at multiple workstations. Potential trade-offs: Solismed’s design isn’t mobile responsive, so it doesn’t display consistently on tablets. What you get: Vist A is, literally, the largest EMR implementation on the planet. And you (likely) don’t have to worry about the provider going out of business anytime soon.The system is ideal for large organizations and hospitals and has almost daily updates rolled out to address any issues and to make improvements.

In addition, Vist A is not a young program, so it’s not as user-friendly or easy to maintain as some of the more modern solutions out there.

What you get: Free MED has a long pedigree, and this, along with an active support community, contributes to its stability and support.

Potential trade-offs: That said, it looks like development has petered off. If this product is of interest to you, make sure you have a tech-savvy person or team on hand to develop or modernize the software going forward.

Open EMR is an open source, web-based EMR that is 2014 ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR certified, and Stage II certified for meaningful use.

It offers e-prescribing, patient scheduling for multiple facilities, and patient appointment reminders via email and SMS.

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