Dont women find tall men intimidating

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When I heard about height being intimidating, I asked my friends about it. But, you know they are my friends so I thought they were just being supportive.Then I relised I hang a lot with the most honest people on the world-kids. They said because I smile a lot, and I was kind to them, they never found me scary.Now I'm wondering how many interactions I have on a daily basis are influenced by my height. My wife had met her numerous times, but my first meeting with her was unplanned.She was stopping by the house for some reason and i was outside smoking.Every girl I've ever dated has said that if I hadn't approached them they would have been too intimidated to talk to me.

So now i just wear colourful stuff and my current manager told me that I shouldn't tower over people so much as it can intimidate people. For what it's worth, I have never ever had anyone mess with me at a bar/sporting event/music venue.I broke up a would-be catfight with two short women by standing inbetween them.I'm not sure if they found it intimidating but it was funny. [Oh, for Pete's sake]Can you talk to my kid [who is throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a store]?I am sort of a loud asshole and spend enough time drunk in moderately dicey places so that probably should have happened to me by now.I am very scary and intimidating when I have to be.

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