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He just wasn’t getting the dates and phone numbers that he was looking for.David De Angelo himself states how he wasn’t born with looks and the build that women find really fascinating.David De Angelo is the mind behind the best-selling book Double Your Dating which has helped a number of men become successful when it comes to picking up women.If you’ve ever been in a situation where you spend an entire night trying to get a phone number from one stunning woman that you’ve met but end up failing to do so, then I recommend that you get yourself a copy of this book.

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David De Angelo has tried his own techniques for himself and has found that it works.

We hoped this wasn’t the case, and hoped Eben actually made a quality product.

Because it’s one thing to be able to manipulate people for money with a junk product, and quite another to manipulate people and actually sell them something worthwhile. In order to test “Double Your Dating”, as well as a few other David De Angelo products, we devised a panel of 5 single men, aged 20 to 46. Finding single men on the internet is like finding seaweed in the ocean. (Most of these men were recruited from online forums.) Here is our test panel.

David De Angelo was one of those guys that women didn’t really notice either.

He also had to go through the same dissatisfaction as you when it comes to getting women.

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