Drake bell dating is dating a girl with a kid a bad idea

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Bio: Robin Dodson, Bell’s mother is a professional player of billiards. Two of his brothers Robert and Travis are his actual brothers whereas Joey and Kellie are his other half-siblings from the mother side.

When the science fair day comes, Mindy returns from the mental institution and is competing with Josh.

He does not tell Drake about their relationship (as he had a nightmare where Drake's head explodes after telling him), and Mindy breaks up with him. Drake surprisingly tells Josh that he can date whoever he wants to date.

Josh tells Drake that Mindy broke up with him, so they go to her house in the night.

Drake is dating a girl named Susan, who, according to Drake, is cool, funny and awesome. Drake and Josh have to do a video project together, so Josh suggests that Drake and his band do a music video and Josh can direct it. Drake and Josh go open a closet to see which guitar Drake should use, but once they open the closet, they get blasted with purple paint. Drake comes in and Josh ends up grabbing his clothes and dressing in the closet.

Megan did this and she films their reaction, which she thinks is very funny. Later, Josh tells Audrey and Walter that he thinks Susan likes him.

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