Dyndns ip address not updating

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"dyndns" will update a dynamic host, "custom" will update a My Dyn DNS Custom DNS host and "statdns" will update a static host. You need some way to find out what is the real IP is.

The default value is "dyndns" and you cannot use other options (statdns|custom) unless you donate and gain access to the more advanced features. The simplest way is to connect to a some web page, which runs a reverse lookup service which can show the connecting IP address. To find a service that is able to display your IP address, do a google search.

Some DDNS providers offer a single account and a single host namefree of charge.

Please check the information from the Providers' pages.

This is useful if you will be going offline for an extended period of time. This makes several computers to access the Internet while the ISP has offered only one visible IP address to you.

This way the host can be referred by name instead of the changing IP address from the ISP's pool.No command line options other than --verbose, --debug or --test should be appended or results are undefined.Each file must contain complete DDNS account configuration.within directory "/etc/dyndns/" by using a single option.The order of the files processed is alphabetical: --config=/etc/dyndns/* See section CONFIGURATION FILE for more information how to write the files.

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