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After I told him to go f**k himself ( this punk, along with cousins and friends, wanted to form a rap group from South Africa.They made me their manager, since I do have contacts in music industry, and refused to listen to anything that I had to say, so I dropped their a33e3.I uninstalled their app, put those emails in my spam box, and even wrote/called the F. It'll take a plethora of lawsuits for them to change their policies, and terms and conditions, but I don't see that happening either because whomever is/was scammed by these lowlifes, who have nothing better than to scam people out of their hard earned paychecks, are way too embarrassed to file a report/charges against them. In conclusion, DON' T believe everything you read and DON' T believe everything that you hear from people over the internet, people, especially those who sit on their a33e3 and get people to send them monies, are NOT who they claim to be.Piece of advice, for those who were scammed by these lowlifes, FILE A REPORT/COMPLAINT WITH YOUR A/G, THE F. Remember that the internet is a world of pretend, for most.I got tricked into thinking someone sent me a confidential message, and made me sign up to see it. don't do it this website looks at all of your contacts and sends spam messages to everyone on your contacts list it sends false emails to everyone you have ever emailed to or is on the same email list as you..if you just emailed your colleague once, he will get the spam message entitled "private message from you" Update:stop using the same copy pasted text to say that you will fix the problem This site got lot many fake profiles and bugs.Honestly there are few still which are not fake..across such account 6 years back.You may want to report it to us by using the report abuse found in 'or' when you visit their account profile or you may copy their account URL then please forward it to [email protected] regards to your report, you may send us a follow up and copy the report ticket number so our Admins can investigate and check the reported tickets. Say thanks to Google they give anyone a text number to use.

), I began receiving emails from women, I'm a woman myself, asking if I'd love a one night stand, horny teenagers, horny housewives, etc. They're not sincere and could care less if you're being scammed, receiving propositions, receiving pornographic material/suggestions, etc; IF they were truly concerned about their subscribers being scammed, receiving illicit propsals, etc., they would've banned the IP address from conjuring up fake profiles, those asking for monies, etc from the get-go, but they haven't and they won't. I'd also advise you to flip the script and ask them for monies because of this or that, that WILL stop them from asking you and be persistent when you're emailing, texting or whatever, embellish your predictment, DON' T STRAY AND DON' T FORGET WHAT YOU' VE SAID!!!!Came across these posts today and giving my review. Now I see lot many messages from fake profiles to chat with me via gmail,yahooo, etc...Every social networking site has its scammers or users that is using fake profiles just to mingle with other people and you can't eliminate it in just one snap.As well as 1 millon gold coins from there other promotion. Don't forget the others that have Cupids computer generated.Ecobank just emailed me for my information for payout to them. There is more to I am flooded with girl trying to send me to there blog or cam sites for free sex. Go to a real site if you want to meet a real person.

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