Emo rawr dating

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Fuzzy Balls hehe puts snout on balls and inhales deeply oh god im so hard licks balls punish me daddy nyea squirms more and wiggles butt I love your musky goodness bites lip please punish me licks lips* nyea suckles on your tip so good licks pre of your cock salty goodness eyes role back and goes balls deep mmmm moans and suckles Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm o3o notices you have a bulge o: someone's happy nuzzles your necky wecky~ murr hehehe rubbies your bulgy wolgy you're so big :oooo rubbies more on your bulgy wolgy it doesn't stop growing ·///· kisses you and lickies your necky daddy likies (; nuzzles wuzzles I hope daddy really likes $: wiggles butt and squirms I want to see your big daddy meat wiggles butt I have a little itch o3o wags tail can you please get my itch puts paws on your chest nyea its a seven inch itch rubs your chest can you help me pwease squirms pwetty pwease sad face I need to be punished runs paws down your chest and bites lip like I need to be punished really good paws on your bulge as I lick my lips I'm getting thirsty.

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First of all you need to find someone who is emo or likes emos.Seeing emo bands is a great place to find other emos, especially as you know they like the bands you do as well.Once you’ve made new friends you’ll hopefully have met at least one person you like a lot.Talk about bands you like, compliment them on their clothes or read them some of your poetry, hopefully you’ll find something in common with the stuff you share about yourself.Be yourself and have your own thoughts and opinions, people wont hate you for liking different bands or clothes.

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