Endnotes not updating

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to add a note, such as “emphasis added”), use the Suffix: box To add page numbers, use the Pages: box – more details on working with page numbers...

There is also a Formatting drop-down, which allow you to set the Default format (Author, Year), reformat as Author (Year), Exclude author, Exclude year, or Show Only in Bibliography The Edit & Manage Citations dialogue If you have “Cite While You Write” turned off, you must first format the citations before the changes will appear – click the “Update Citations and Bibliography” button in Word’s End Note ribbon In APA style, the in-text citation above appears as: (See also Fang & Wang, 2012, pp.

So this is how I circumvented the problem: I assigned the two footnotes after the missing ones special characters (7 and 8).

Thus they were not counted as part of the continuous series.

C:/Progam Files (x86)/End Note X9/Styles Download: Since each citation you enter includes formatting codes that you cannot see, it is very important to edit it with End Note operations.Eventually I solved it: (based on Word 2016 for Mac) I had the same problem: the numbering skipped two numbers, jumping from 6 to 9.I tried everything, but neither one of the solutions described above worked for me.Visit Stack Exchange I'm using MS Word's "Track changes" functionality to edit an academic article with a lot of footnotes.The issue I'm running into is more of a 'feature' than a bug but I'm not sure how to approach it: if I have text with a footnote that I delete, including the footnote, Word keeps that footnote number reserved (technically it is still there, just in a not-yet-accepted change) and thus the footnotes that follow skip over a number.

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