Error updating appinitdlls in the registry

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Antivirus XP.111Kenfa.100Monder.457Monder.456Monder.455Monder.454PWSteal. Magania.471Rbot.1732Start Page.353TDSS.135Trojan Downloader. To check whether your AVG has been updated correctly, restart your computer when prompted and open AVG User Interface by double-click on the AVG tray icon, or on the AVG icon on your Desktop: * In the lower-left part of the AVG window, there is the information: AVG Version: 8.0.229 * No component in the right part of the AVG window is marked as Not active or with any other error message. Also added later 202826 for Live Update only Adware. Digital Names.107Agent.3386Agent.3385Agent.3384Auto It.136Banker.158Banker.157Bimstru.100Conficker.101Delf.1145Delf.1144DNSChanger.640Fake Alert.254IRCBot.856Kill AV.219Monder.458Pakes.574Poison.133Poison Ivy.139PWSteal. The restart will be required only once, any consecutive updates will be applied without request for restart again. This update adds 48 new trojan definitions: Adware. Code related to the thread is verified by loading code segments from storage into memory and comparing newly loaded code with original code segments in memory.The stack is verified by determining whether the thread matches one or more stack addresses of the stack. Restart after AVG program update to version 8.0.229A new major program update (8.0.229) for AVG has been released recently.

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Due to the high number of changes in this new AVG program version, the update process always requires restart once it is downloaded and applied to the AVG. Therefore, this is one of the few cases where the failure of a user-mode service can shut down the system. Unfortunately, right now Mint wants to reach out to the interwebs to install everything.A cheap way to fix this is to just trick it by editing the hosts file. * Setup: Fixed problem with setup crash on fat32 file systems. * Setup: Fixed problem with setup crash on broken App Init DLLs registry value being processed.

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