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Second, any additional environment variables optionally exported with the request from the originating (and possibly remote) host, are placed in the environment set for the shell that is about to be execed.Third, based on any request shell specifications and the shell strategy policy at the local host, the proper shell (e.g.This example illustrates the important principal enforced in NQS that the set of limits under which a batch request is to run, are determined and frozen at the time that the batch request is first queued in its destination batch queue.The actual execution of a batch request is a somewhat complicated affair.Towards that end, NQS batch queues have an associated set of resource quota limits, that all other NQS queue types lack.

Provide a design for the future implementation of file staging, whereby several files or file hierarchies can be staged in or out of the machine that eventually executes a particular batch request.A batch request is defined as a shell script containing commands not requiring the direct services of some physical device (other than the CPU resource), that can be executed independently of any user intervention by the invocation of an appropriate command interpreter (e.g. In contrast, a device request is defined as a set of independent instructions requiring the direct services of a specific device for execution (e.g. Support the remote queueing and routing of batch and device requests throughout the network of machines running NQS.This means that some mechanism must exist to reliably transport batch and device requests between distinct machines, even if one or both of the machines involved crash repeatedly during the transaction.For files being staged-out, this implies the actual movement of the file from the execution machine, to the eventual destination machine. [1] At one point, it was even decided that NQS could be implemented as an enhanced version of MDQS, borrowing heavily from the original MDQS source code.Before dashing off to implement NQS completely from scratch, a long look was taken at an already existing UNIX queueing system known as the Multiple Device Queueing System (MDQS), as developed at the U. Theoretically at least, this strategy was supposed to reduce the work and risk involved in building a networked queueing system that would satisfy NASA's needs.

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