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The Zimbra Logger installs tools for syslog aggregation and reporting.

If you do not install Logger, the server statistics section of the Administration Console will not display.

This package is installed on the zimbra-store server.

Only one Zimbra-convertd package needs to be present in the Zimbra Collaboration environment.

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Memcached is automatically selected when the zimbra-proxy is installed.

zimbra-memcached is required if using a separate web application server.

If used, this is installed on one mailbox server, and must be installed at the same time as the mailbox server.

The configuration for each deployment is dependent on numerous variables such as the number of mailboxes, mailbox quotas, performance requirements, existing network infrastructure, IT policies, security methodologies, spam filtering requirements, and more.

In general, deployments share common characteristics for incoming traffic and user connectivity, as depicted in the following diagram.

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