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Here’s Age International: Hunt’s vision of China is out of date – and potentially damaging.

China is currently facing significant challenges regarding its older population.

China’s industry is heavily dependent on migrant workers who travel thousands of miles, leaving their elderly parents behind.

Earlier this year, the Chinese authorities brought in a law in an attempt to force people to visit their elderly parents but with so many people living so far away from their home villages it is difficult to see how the law could be enforced.

According to UN population statistics, now only 20 per cent of families live in ‘joint family’ structures in India.

The Asian example is associated with an agrarian economy, where family is close by.

Some people have resorted to paying others to visit their parents; a sort of privatised, unqualified and unregulated health visitor system.

Jeremy Hunt’s claims have been pulled apart by, among others, Channel 4, Age International, Professor Hans Schattle of Yonsei University in Seoul and the Guardian’s Phillip Inman.

Indonesia’s National Commission for the Elderly said only 3.9% of the country’s elderly in 2006 could rely on their monthly pension fund.

The commission said this drove about 50% of elderly women to rely on their children and their partners, compared with 29% of elderly men.

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