Fake dating ads dating girls in dubai uae

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Reverse Phone Number Search If you’ve been talking to or texting the person in question, you can try doing a reverse search for their phone number.

Sometimes a person’s number will appear online via Craigslist or other such websites.

Don’t believe offers to have a friend of theirs contact you to tell you they are real life friends.

Many people with fake profiles also create fake friends for their profiles to cover their bases.

So have you been talking to someone online but you’re still not sure if that person is real or not?

Maybe you’ve received a friend request and want to check them out first?

Odd name spelling This may not be obvious, but it has been my experience that fake profiles sometimes use strange spellings for the names they choose.

Names such as Alyx, Jescy, or Krystyl are all fake profile names I’ve seen in the past.

Sometimes fake profiles steal their bios from other profiles, which we’ve found especially true of dating sites.Their Photos Has the profile in question only posted a few images?The average profile should have photos of them engaging in everyday events and at gatherings with friends. A real person is usually tagged at some point by a real life friend.Has anyone commented about seeing them in person recently?If a person tries to add you and you have mutual friends, try asking those mutual friends if they actually know this person. Facebook’s new timeline will show when a person joined the social network, and someone who joined very recently could indicate a fake profile.

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