Fedora updating gdb

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Xvfb is an X11 server that redirects the graphical output to the memory, and openbox is a simple window manager that is running on top of Xvfb.The behavior of openbox is markedly different when it comes to focus management and other window tasks, so test that runs fine locally may fail or be flaky on try bots.

fedora updating gdb-45

fedora updating gdb-61

fedora updating gdb-49

fedora updating gdb-40

Installation instructions are here, and see here for screenshots and an introduction.To run the tests on a local machine as on a bot, follow these steps: Make sure you have openbox: Try bots are pretty stressed, and can sometimes expose timing issues you can't normally reproduce locally.You can simulate this by shutting down all but one of the CPUs ( and running a CPU loading tool (e.g., It will run slowly, but any flakiness found by the try bot should replicate locally now - and often nearly 100% of the time.| |-bash(21969)---chrome(672)- -chrome(694) | | |-chrome(695)---chrome(696)- -(697) | | | \-(709) | | |-(675) | | |-(678) | | |-(679) | | |-(680) | | |-(681) | | |-(682) | | |-(684) | | |-(685) | | |-(705) | | \-(717) to attach.Alternatively, you might find out the process ID from Chrome's built-in Task Manager (under the Tools menu).

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