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And I barely mentioned the bandwidth-doubling PCIe 4.0 interface yet.

AMD in 2019 is offering more cores at a lower TDP (thanks to that sweet 7nm TSMC manufacturing process and AMD's different method of measuring TDP), and faster officially supported memory speeds than what it looks like Intel will be bringing to the table next year with Comet Lake-S.Assuming the leaks hold true -- and we shouldn’t assume that they all will -- Comet Lake-S looks like the kind of lineup that would have been seen as a tepid, skippable update five years ago when Intel had little real competition in the desktop space.Here in the back half of 2019, AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors (following on the well-received previous-generation Ryzen parts) have injected excitement into the desktop world, thanks to substantive performance (and performance per ) gains the likes of which we haven’t seen in going on a decade.Granted, many won’t take advantage of all that bandwidth, but with SSD prices continuing to fall, more and more people are likely to run up against the limitations of Intel’s PCIe 3.0 lanes.Of course, not everything is Zen in the world of Ryzen.

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