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Of course, a serial usually tells nothing about the series (Standard, Bullet, Affinity, Pack...) or legit/original features - especially when Far East serials are not in the Fender database.How to date and identify your Fender instruments using serial numbers and production date stamps.First half of 1959: No markings for a period after a customer complained about an obscenity written on the neck butt. 1966: the model number (the number stamped on the neck before the month) change (for example, “13”=Stratocaster).1969: A new type of neck stamp of six, seven or eight digits was used on some models. Example: “529129B” (more info on reading there in the “nack stamps” section below.) This new green stamp was used simultaneously with the earlier “XX MMM-YY W” format.Packs with CXS-guitars are all over, and I know no reason why guitars-only wouldn't be.So, China (mainland), Axl factory, from (around) 2005. From Chinese/Asian market, made by Axl.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squier#Serial_number_tracing"Miscellaneous Chinese serials: CD, CT, CJ, NC: C = China, the first number following the serial number prefix is the year. The plant from which the COB serial number prefix models originate remains a mystery.No documentation, or comment from the manufacturer has resolved the question of which plant produced them.

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1972: A new eight-digit neck stamp was introduced colored either green or red. From 1972 to around March 1973, this new system was used simultaneously with the previous “XX MMM-YY W”.Since the neck is only a component of the guitar, it could have been produced a number of years before the actual instrument was assembled, hence the date on the neck is not necessarily the production date of the whole guitar.On early ’50s Stratocaster guitars serial numbers were stamped on the back vibrato cover plate.Vintage reissue instruments have the date on the butt end of the neck like the originals.1980: Little glued labels with MM-DD-YY date stamps appear in the neck pocket, pickup cavity and/or back of the neck.

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