Fiction on callie arizona dating

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NOT recommended for everyone Derek Hanson Shepherd took a job. How hard could it be to guard of the richest seventeen-year-old in the world? we weren't a great couple and you would have made a terrible father, Mark. Meredith is an intern for Seattle Grace, who is hiding a dark secret and wanting to hide from her past. It is now.9We're Trying » by fortunecookiegun With two years of marriage under their belt, Jackson and April find themselves wanting more.

How will they handle this news after their daughter has been close to perfect all these years! 6The love for tennis » by Arizonasboo Callie Torres has been practicing and training for the tennis team for her junior year of high school, she gets caught off guard when the captain of the tennis team is a hot blonde who's good at what she does3Half A Dozen Shepherds Plus One » by Meggie8ter This is the sequel to Life As He Knew It.Takes place a month or so after 15x25 and follows the life of Teddy and Owen as they navigate parenthood AND their new relationship. 2One time thing by Definetelyprocrasinating Teddy and Owen both end up at the bar one night.What happens when they both seek comfort from each other?When Callie comes back to their hometown twelve years later, will they be able to forgive each other and find love at long last? Don't worry.)16Pandora's Box » by adub87 Life, Love, and Medicine PRO-JAGGIE Maggie is a genius surgeon who is highly sought after.Shortly after discovering her birth mothers' identity her world is turned upside down.

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