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As with other attempts to curb illegal internet activities, the act has been criticized for potentially negatively affecting civil liberties.

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We argue that the cybersex phenomenon in the Philippines illustrates how institutional development strategies could inadvertently already marginalized sectors of society.Filipino victims have fallen prey to sexual predators from around the world as their own family members lure them into the cybersex trade as a way of helping poor families earn money.Fees range from US to , or roughly PHP1,000 to PHP2,000, per session or per week, the Manila Standard reported.The absence of studies in the cybersex phenomenon is glaring, much less in the backdrop of ICTD, and this chapter’s work in the Philippine context makes a modest contribution in filling this research gap.Attempts to grapple with the role of technology in this so-called online version of prostitution have been undertaken through bills filed in the Philippine legislature. Aquino III administration enacted the omnibus Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, which casts cybersex as a cybercrime.

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