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Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.On the basis of study on the ore property of magnetic ores containing apatite, The experiment results show that a by means of two-stages magnetic separation at a grinding fineness of 75%-200 mesh of the first stage , grinding fineness of Complete apatite fission-track (AFT) dating facilities are available at the New Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources. Since the grain size of apatite in the dike sample is significantly small (several tens μm scale; Fig.We have a mineral separation lab for concentrating apatite and zircon, and we maintain facilities for mounting, polishingfor mineral separation from crystalline rocks for low temperature thermochronology such as apatite. 3), it is difficult to separate the apatite grains from the sample by using a standard mineral separation technique. heavy liquids (best results using tetrabromoethane, but attention:3- Measurement of some specific physical properties for that mineral, such as density mineral like sphene, zircon, or apatite, then your sample should be several kg tends to be useless for separation of all minerals except your clay fraction.LI Jia-Wei, LI Zhong, QIU Nan-Sheng, ZUO Yin-Hui, YU Jing-Bo, LIU Jia-Qing.

(in Chinese), 1994, 37(3): 338~345 [20] 许长海,周祖翼, Van P等. 石油学报,2006,27(6):5~14 Xu C H, Zhou Z Y, Van P, et al. 地质学报,2004,78(3):319~332 Liu Y Q, Wang Z X, Jin X C, et al. Blueschist belts and their tectonic implications of the S. YANG Wen-Cai, SUN Yan-Yun, HOU Zun-Ze, YU Chang-Qing.Apatite fission-track thermochronology of tectonic evolution in Hefei Basin. Combination of single-grain fission-track chronology and morphological analysis of detrital zircon crystals in provenance studies—sources of the macigno formation. Evolution, chronology and depositional effect of Uplifting in the eastern sector of the Tianshan Mountains. Fission track thermochronology and the long-term denudation response to tectonics. A study on spectral moments of gravity field with application to crustal structure imaging of Tarim basin[J].Chinese Journal Of Geophysics, 2017, 60(8): 3140-3150. Sodium silicate appeared to be most effective to depress associated gangue minerals. Although the apatite was purified by a heavy liquid separation for the mineral analysis, the final fraction still contained foreign minerals. the reproducibility of the heavy mineral separation and the. Sodium silicate appeared to be most effective to depress associated gangue minerals. Rock crushing and sieving This does not allow for effective separation. Geology, sample locations, generalized ice-flow directions, mineral occurrences and apatite content of till (0.250.50 ..

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