Foreign dating fraud

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Elite Brides-International Dating Club Im an European man from UE, Im 42 and I have a very close friend (from Russia).This girl went to Spain some years ago to visit my country and she liked very much.

They may also target you again with another dating profile, so be on your guard. It can easily affect our pride & cause embarassment, not to mention the feelings of betrayal & disappointment at discovering that someone we were opening our heart to - and perhaps hoping for a future with - turned out to not really exist at all. These fraudsters are very good at what they do, with tens of thousands of people being scammed each year.

You must report them as soon as you can so that steps can be taken to prevent others from falling victim too.

If you have lost money to romance fraud then make sure to be alert to any follow up scams - some victims have reported being approached with offers of help to recover lost money.

Romance (or dating) fraud is a scam where criminals begin relationships with people online, befriending those looking for love before ultimately exploiting their trust to make money.

Often it involves tricking victims into sending money for an 'emergency', but can also see the victim being blackmailed over an intimate photo or video ("sextortion"), or being persuaded to act as a unwitting money mule by transferring money or goods on the criminals behalf. If you've got suspicions about someone but still want to give them the benefit of the doubt then of course there's no harm in carrying on talking to them - they may well be genuine & end up being the love of your life!

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