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It is another way oggetting another chatter to talk to you, but it is considered to be rude unless you have no choice to, which is usually when no matter what you have said in the chat, everyone is still ignoring you even though you have not typed anything rude or insulting.Chat Abbreviations To cut down time on typing, many people have started using abbreviations for various actions and phrases.Usually people will keep in contact through e-mail, regular mail, and sometimes phone calls.And if you do somehow find a way to meet, hey more power to you!

But don't let this stop you from keeping in contact of each other.Doing Actions Within The Chat Another aspect of chat rooms is doing a particular action within the chat.The format used to do it is like this: **your action here**.Or if you want to do the asterix technique instead in an IRC chat you can do that also.It depends on the person's preference of doing their actions.

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