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up, you will need to use an onsite translator to get access to this game as the link site is in Russian.

Developed by Netral GD, this roleplaying game is pretty straightforward but gets straight to the point.

The basic premise is that you are a high school student who is chasing after a female student (Riko).

The storyline gets a little weird in places but fundamentally is a battle mode between you and Riko where you can gain points by performing actions on each other.

The Legs & Feet upgrade extends the simulation to include: It transforms the games into one of the best dedicated foot worship simulations available.

3DX is highly immersive and has great gameplay but is one of those mainstream games that doesn’t focus on the feet, rather you have to find the focus!

The game supports VR and you can explore the world with a headset like Oculus Rift to really get an experience.

Playing 3DX Chat requires subscription membership which costs from .95 per year.

You get to control all of the action which includes some great girl on girl grinding, stroking, kissing, teasing and full on penetration with strap-ons and toys.

As for the feet…that’s where the expansion pack comes in.

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