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Sexy chat lines are a staple of every newspaper classified section, every phone booth, and practically every corner of the Internet with a user postings section. This has become one of the growth areas of the phone sex industry, with various niche fantasy hotlines cropping up, or individual users selling their private phone sex sessions on third party websites.

You can find a sex hotline for just about every taste, and we’ll be doing our best to help you find yours in our gigantic list below…

of adult hotline services exist, ranging from lighter chat with tinges of eroticism, to full blown kinky fantasies lived out via your mobile. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to give you the full low down on numbers you can call, what they cost, and the type of chat they offer.

As we’re sure you’ve worked out by now, there are various types of adult phone lines.

These days, many of us are content to use dating websites and apps for sourcing new love interests.

However, many users (and particularly the older demographic) prefer the concept of matchmaking over the phone.

Whether you choose not to use webcams and cam sex sites out of preference or just don’t have a good enough connection to facilitate this kind of interaction, phone sex chatlines are a great alternative.

Some of these phone chatlines also offer video chat, Skype, SMS and web chat as well as group chat so there are plenty of options available depending on where you are and what you are doing.

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If you want to put a Similar to Nite Flirt, this is a site you can browse via your phone to pick out profiles of exactly who you want to chat dirty with.

These might include: live interaction with real life local people with the aim of dating, live chat with horny women (or men) who can sometimes make a living by talking dirty on the telephone, and even eavesdropping lines where the voyeuristic can listen in on live (sometimes pre-recorded) action.

Phone sex is a perfect way to make an instant connection without the internet.

Simply register, browse the site, and choose who you want to call.

phone sex hotlines — Live Links is much more than that (although yes, it’s still great for hooking up! This is the most popular personals chat line in America.

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