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Yes, in a healthy relationship, agreements can actually eliminate arguments.

However, you must come to these agreements in the Relating stage.

But I could tell, because I already knew how to meet women and I got their materials and read and listened to them. If you have a lot of money and want to maximize your learning, buy ALL of their books.

(You see, I am always trying to improve my abilities and learn new things.) I was ASTONISHED to learn that the so called GURUS’ statistics were not as good as mine. They are good guys and you can learn some real truth from each one of them.

If you dive too deep, too fast with a potential romantic partner, the fun quickly disappears and you begin to “work out issues” with someone who is, in reality, a stranger. The Relating stage usually lasts about two years before you can realistically decide to become life partners.

BUT the best thing is my techniques simply work better even if you aren’t interested in a relationship.

If you simply want to meet women and get laid the rest of your life, my techniques work ten times better than the other GURUS’ do.

It means that you aren’t likely to attract a healthy potential partner into your life.

You must do something different, which is only possible if you learn something new.

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