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They are officially chartered as "Hobart and William Smith Colleges" and informally referred to as "HWS" or "the Colleges." Although united in one corporation with many shared resources and overlapping organization, they have each retained their own traditions.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, private colleges in Geneva, New York, began on the western frontier as the Geneva Academy.

Later that night, her mother found Tonia's medication and belongings by the front door but there was no trace of Tonia. The evidence suggests a woman or a very weak man actually committed the crime. The sadistic predator cut the bodies into pieces and sometimes only torsos were found. Untouchable Eliot Ness was safety director of Cleveland at the time. Francis Sweeney was responsible and the murders stopped after Sweeney had himself committed to a mental ward.

Sheppard's mother committed suicide a few days after Sam's initial conviction. Other believed the real killer moved away and to safer killing fields.

I also compiled a list of dozens of others that have remained stubbornly unresolved.

The list doesn't seem to end, instead growing each year. The Murder of Joseph Kupchik Crime Scene: Cleveland, Feb. The Mystery: Joe Kupchik's body was discovered on the pavement below a parking deck in downtown Cleveland, around 1 in the morning. A trail of blood led from the door to the railing, a knife lay nearby.

When I began Pure Barre I had low self-esteem and I didn’t understand what I was capable of.

It's been two years since Amanda Berry, Gina De Jesus and Michelle Knight returned from the dead, catapulting Cleveland into the national spotlight once again, just as we were beginning to forget about Anthony Sowell and his house of a thousand corpses.

Pure Barre has allowed me to approach each difficult situation with a great deal of grace, allowing me to take a deep breath and not letting any situation dictate my mood in a negative way.

Difficult things happen to us throughout the day, every day.

The key to solving the case may be finding how and when Amy crossed paths with several other girls who received calls from this man in 1989. Like Amy, they had visited the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center that fall. A few of the girls also had a math teacher who was the brother of Amy's horseback riding instructor. The Mystery: Ted Conrad considered himself Cleveland's own Steve Mc Queen and the young man pulled off a brazen heist worthy of his own Hollywood movie. Everyone thought his name was Joseph Newton Chandler, but when police notified his next of kin, they discovered the real Joseph Newton Chandler died in 1945. He left behind ,000 and several strange electrical gadgets he'd designed. Lisa's body, after all, was found about 100 feet from the Dreifort family mansion. The Murder of Marilyn Sheppard Crime Scene: Bay Village, July 3, 1954.

He worked as a vault teller at Society National Bank. Dan had been released that day from the psych ward. No suspects have been named, though his wife has said she believes she knows who did it. The Mystery: Someone bludgeoned Marilyn to death in the middle of the night.

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