Geologic dating ppt

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This topic will review concepts in earth science that have previously been discussed and will expand upon the principles that help us interpret planet Earth.

As we move throughout the year, we will revisit these concepts and apply our knowledge to specific topics.

We will also focus on earthquakes and how we use seismic waves to locate their epicenters.

We will also focus on the different agents of erosion and be able to identify the geologic features that each of them create over time.

The resources below vary in content, but may prove useful throughout the year.We will also focus on agents of erosion and be able to identify their different geologic features.Moreover, this chapter will revisit sedimentary rocks and see how the sediments produced during weathering factor into the formation of the different rocks.One of the first things you can do to determine the geological history of an area is to look at the types of rocks that are present.The Auckland Islands consist mainly of basalt, but there are also some occurrences of granite, gabbro, sandstone, conglomerate and limestone.

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