George steck piano dating the dating project

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According to the salesman (yeah, I know) it's some kind of close out deal where they're making room for a new line of Cristoforis. The same is true about a little known piano called the "Cristofori" piano (commonly misspelled as "Christofori" piano).

It's actually a private-label house brand owned by a couple of dealers who sell Steinway in several markets across the U. It's simply a Chinese piano for which comparison prices cannot be obtained because it's only carried by these dealers.

Cable, Falcone, and George Steck pianos to others who have purchased them.

How much stock can you really put in their assessment?I have never been pleased with any Sejung product; lowest spectrum of Chinese-built pianos IMHO.Steinway dealers ought to be ashamed to be selling these as even affiliated with Steinway (not in print, but their salespepole infer or imply such in their sales pitch).Rather you will read all about the rich company history, the award-winning designs and family roots of these brands which in reality have absolutely nothing to do with the design or quality level of the piano you're considering.All of this can certainly be confusing to the buyer who wants to feel like they're buying a name brand product without paying the name brand price, but you really do get what you pay for -- and there are higher rated pianos for the money than the above mentioned brand. Bear There are only a few original Cristofori pianos in existence, the earliest dating back to about 1720. If someone claims to be selling one, they're lying.

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