Get bored easily dating

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No guy sparks my interest and even if one does, it doesn't take me long until I get extremely bored and lose interest. I have a vision in my head of how my "dream" guy should be like. Every good person who has had interest in me I have proceeded to just get bored of or I just want something else. They won't put you on a pedistal like a nice guy would, be clingy, needy or easy. They may be fun short term but they will end up hurting you. Nice guys - These guys have no respect for themselves.

My friends tell me that no one is perfect and I will never find a guy who has everything that I want. Maybe it's the want of those unavailable or they just don't fit your criteria. They put woman on a pedistal, shower them with gifts in an attempt to buy them, are clingy, needy, may lack confidence and are basically walking manginas.

Women simply shouldn't date guys who only look at them as prizes or challenges. I am quite busy at work this morning (auditors are here! one thing I would like to add is that the handful of women who COULD keep my interest for a long period were the ones who were more aloof and played hard-to-get...showed interest in me then backed off, then showed interest and then backed off, sorta like a little "dance".... Sounds like you're just into the thrill of the chase. People usually outgrow that by the time they reach your age. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number.

I haven't read all your posts like some have but are you REALLY looking for something more long term? What happened with the "handful" who DID keep you interested.

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You've indicated in many of your 6000 posts that you are a firm subscriber to the belief that women are generally irrational, led primarily by their emotions - and, if they have any aesthetic appeal, enjoy being treated badly.Now I am with a woman that I look forward to seeing all the time.We see each other almost everyday after work and never get sick of each other.The desire to substantiate that view with your own relationship experiences will lock you into thinking and behavioural patterns that are as damaging to any chance you might have of a happy and stimulating long term relationship as they are derogatory to women in general.You'll be real into them as they pose a challenge for you that you want to overcome, because in your heart you're still this nice guy who couldn't get laid and wasn't successful with the ladies.

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