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For Cynthia, the convenience of having a man around the house to help with anything she needed (aside from sex), had lulled her into a sense of complacency and comfort where relationships were concerned.Get back in the saddle when you find yourself relying on the wrong people to meet needs you should be handling yourself.“They’re crazy,” you’ll say, without ever taking responsibility for the roles you played in the past.As my friend Jamie says, “Crazy recognizes crazy,” and she’s right.When someone who we’ve been close to suddenly steps out of our lives, it can leave a huge emotional void.

You’ll come to love yourself for it—and so will your partner.

I wanted to be respected as an individual, so being an individual is what I needed to focus on.

The whole time that my relationship was causing me stress, I hated the way it distracted my focus from the things that really mattered—building my business, sleeping, indulging in my passion for music, and eating properly as examples.

Rather than siphon off support from other people’s partners, hire the proper helpers to tackle your tasks, and turn your focus to attracting the kind of partner who can lovingly support you in the right ways.

One of the biggest barriers to realizing love and intimacy with others is the inability to be our authentic selves.

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    “If they push in to aggressive, it feels harsh and punishing to others.

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    Not more than an hour earlier, my stepdaughter's friend Ally and I had been in the living room talking.

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    No sex is allowed until the couple is in an "exclusive, committed, monogamous relationship".

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