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The other point I think is important to make is: Our media is male-dominated, so it is the things that exorcise men that will then dominate the airwaves. I call it the "economies of violence" that women face across different classes — they are not things that these men rush to the mic or rush to cameras to articulate their anger at these women's vulnerability, who are also just trying to make a living and make their way. So, first, let me connect two very important dots: Moesha is being condemned for essentially using her body as currency to get something.

One of the arguments in my piece was that you could actually say that what Moesha learned is being taught to 13-year-old girls in school by adult, male, married teachers who sexually abuse, sexually harass and extort sex for grades and school fees from those students.

So, the way in which gender rights functions puts all the responsibility on the girl or the woman to seek any kind of justice.It’s a particular, rampant abuse of power that’s going unchecked, and you have too many pieces of legislation, of research, that identify teachers as abusers.We have created, in our classrooms, playgrounds for predatory pedophile teachers, and their sexual abuse is going unchecked because of a lack of policy, because of the way in which our male-dominated society simply does not care about girls, and that is manifest by the failure to take substantive action even when the sexual abuse is proven.” (Here is an excerpt of her interview.) She added that her arrangement wasn’t unusual.The statements Boduong made between love, sex, money and power were echoed by another interviewee, an Accra-based fisherman known as Nice One, who said: “when you are rich, you can decide to choose any woman you want.” They were just two of the many voices featured in the documentary, which presented different perspectives on love and sex in Ghana.

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