Ghanaian dating agency

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For any help or questions you may have along the way you can contact our customer service team who are more than happy to help.Although women are guaranteed political participation rights under the 1992 Ghana Constitution, there is a lack of female representation in government. In 2012, 19 women occupied seats in Parliament, while 246 men occupied the rest of the seats.In traditional societies, marriage under customary law was often arranged or agreed upon by the fathers and other senior kinsmen of the prospective bride and bridegroom.This type of marriage served to link the two families/groups together in social relationships; hence, marriage within the ethnic group and in the immediate locality was encouraged.

There are many institutions in Ghana that work to advance women's rights and welfare issues.In polygynous situations, visitation schedules would be arranged.The separate living patterns reinforced the idea that each spouse is subject to the authority of a different household head, and because spouses are always members of different lineages, each is ultimately subject to the authority of the senior men of his or her lineage.The Dagomba, on the other hand, inherit from fathers.In these patrilineal societies where the domestic group includes the man, his wife or wives, their children, and perhaps several dependent relatives, the wife was brought into closer proximity to the husband and his paternal family.

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