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To be honest, I’m an average looking guy in my 40s, so my friends laughed when I showed them the two teens I fucked last week.

It's a strange college ideal, but let's face it: in college, hooking up comes as natural as canning two Red Bull 30 minutes deep into a study session.

From the very first night of college the constant pressure to hook up with people looms like the haze of a drunk-buzz. I’m not saying everyone hooks up in college, but for the majority of the student body, hooking up is a given.

Meeting new prospective hook-ups you’ll most likely regret in the morning and dish with your roomies is as expected as walking into the library and walking out with a book. Under most circumstances, girls will say hooking up is fun and carefree.

You’re with a guy that is clearly attracted to you enough to be rolling around the sheets with you.

You feel sexy, wanted, and excited to be a part of the hook-up culture so prevalent on campus.

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