Girls next door dating

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"I felt safe taking a ride from him because I had seen him in the building, and he lived one floor below me," she says.

Stambach loved the convenience of being able to walk downstairs whenever she wanted to see her beau, and it was comforting to know that she had someone closeby if she needed help with anything.

Here's everything you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of dating the girl or guy next door.

Beverly Hunt, owner of a public relations firm in Washington, DC, warns us against relationships between neighbors.

"She reminded me about the possibility of things getting sticky if the person turned out to be a jealous or unstable type of individual," Hunt says.

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But her friend reasoned her out of the potential danger.However, Stambach says that closeness ended up being the downfall of their fling."Being physically close can ruin a relationship, because I need space and I don't like a person feeling entitled to my privacy — as if they can knock on my door [at any time]," Stambach says. "It's like an office affair," says Audrey Chapman, a relationship author, talk show host, counselor and professor at Howard University. When it doesn't work out, you're in big trouble." Like Stambach, Chapman says proximity can be great because it gives you the ability to see your longing lover at any time, meaning you get to know that person much better and much quicker.They were so close that her second-floor apartment shared a back porch with her boyfriend's apartment."I couldn't just sit on my back porch and read a book by myself because whenever he saw me out there, he figured he had a green light to join me," she says.

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